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Critter & Rodent Control

“Critter Proof Your Roof”

We have been receiving calls lately about “Critters in the Attic”.

We have been inspecting the roofs and found the critters have been entering the roof in more then one place.

Why would you need a Critter Inspection? They contaminate your insulation and drywall. They eat wiring and basically chew up anything in your attic to make a nest.

We will check all your roof vents, gable vents, soffit vents, ridge vent, all returns, check loose tiles or shingles. Residential or Commercial Critter Inspection.

We Service Palm Beach and Broward County.

Schedule your inspection or call us at 561-767-2479 Palm Beach 954-394-6961 Broward
Check this out on You Tube
What Raccons Can do to Your Roof!!

"And The Shingle Roof and Flat Roof in The Back Ground is A Very Good Example of In Need of A New Roof Also."


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