Fairway Roofing & Painting Inc.
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Dry Wall Repairs

After repairing your roof, we can fix the interior drywall damage to your walls & ceilings.

Repairing drywall can lead to a big mess. Before starting any drywall repair, we cover the entire area with 7/10 Plastic Visqueen which includes furniture, floor, windows etc. to help ensure no mess.

We use an antimicrobial disinfectant behind or above the repaired area to help with any mold issues. 

We also use green/lavender drywall in bathroom areas which is specially designed for high moisture areas.

We can match your existing popcorn ceiling as close as possible. We prime and paint 2 coats of paint to all surfaces.

Mention this to the salesperson during your consultation and he will estimate the repair and drywall together.

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