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 Tile Roof

Clay Tile Roofs is the "Grand Daddy" of all roof systems to have in South Florida.

Clay can with stand the weather and most hurricanes. The smoother finish is easier to maintain and doesn’t attract mold as easily as concrete tile does.

Clay Tile represents the Southwest Spanish look for your roof. There are many colors and blends too choose from. Most manufactures of Clay Tile warranty your roof from 20 years to Lifetime depending on which Clay Tile you choose. We only install Clay Tiles with Poly Foam which is an extremely strong foam adhesive that adheres the tile too your roof better then concrete or nailing it too the roof deck. (Which may cause holes in your roof underlayment and cause un-necessary roof leaks)
Check out the color & styles of Santa Fe Clay Tile.

Concrete Tile is a less expensive way to have the same look as Clay Tile. Concrete with stands all of our weather conditions here in South Florida. There are hundreds and hundreds of colors, blends & styles too choose from.

Concrete Tile is also installed with Poly Foam only. Manufacture warranty’s range from 20 years to Lifetime. Styles include Flat, Barrel, double roll and a slight wave.
Concrete Tile also come in a Shake Tile which looks like you have installed a real Wood Shake Roof.

There are several locally manufactures of concrete tile.
Check out the selection & colors on the Tile Manufacturer page.

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