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Pricing vs Quality

Fairway Roofing & painting inc. is a top quality roofing contractor offering roof repairs, re roofing & roof maintenance to commercial & residential customers in the palm beach & broward county. our company prides itself on quality workmanship & complete customer satisfaction guaranteed. We take pride in our impeccable reputation as you can see on all our customer reviews. When you hire fairway roofing, you will receive a 2 year leak warranty on roof repairs. We only use miami-dade roofing products.

We guarantee the quality of our re roofs & repairs that we install 100%.

Price Vs Quality can be devastating!!!

As a homeowner, we are always looking to get our work done at the lowest price estimate. The problem is you don’t realize that you are setting yourself up for a huge disaster by working with the roofing contractor who is too eager to repair or re roof your house when you choose the lowest estimate.

These roofing contractors (maybe not even licensed & insured) who will work for half the amount of money.

And you ask yourself well why not? I’m gonna save $500.00 on my repair....

Reason being is shabby labor, not miami- dade materials being used and the quality of the repair or re roof. Most of important is the written warranty of the work provided. Our phone doesn’t ring when it rains for past repairs still leaking. We do the job right the 1st time around. Fairway roofing well still be here in 20 years down the road. That old fashion saying is “you get for what you pay for”!!!

we go above and beyond, we do that extra step in the process to insure the quality of our repairs & re roofs. We know our roofing codes and we only work by the codes regardless if its a repair, Maintenance or re roof.

You can deal directly with the owner(s) of our company and just not some salesperson trying to make a paycheck or someone who gives you a quote that isn’t even close to what you actually needed. Our repairs crews have a working supervisor and knowledgeable roof mechanic on every job. The owner(s) is just a phone call away!!!

so remember: when that cheap estimate comes in your email or crosses your desk, think twice about the quality of the warranty and price. That’s why we pride our self in our 2 year leak warranty on roof repairs because we know the quality of work!!!

compare your apples to oranges before you make that final decision and realize fairway roofing & painting inc is the best choice to work for quality roofing repairs or installations.

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