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Renail Affidavit

Renailing the wood deck is a Florida Building Code. Even if you have a roof repair or reroof we have to renail the deck.
We use Miami-Dade Nails to secure the wood deck every other 6". Where your deck was Orginally nailed every 12", we go in between that nailing pattern to secure your deck.

When reroofing your home, some building departments require a written affidavit from the roofer stating that they renailed the deck to code. Some building departments go as far as asking for picture of the renailing with the renail affidavit.

Also Wind Mitigation requires that your roof deck is properly attached to the walls with the proper metal straps or some other mechanical fastener to ensure the safety of your roof. You can also save money on your homeowners insurance and most of the Florida Insurance companies require you to have those straps on your roof now.

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