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Roof Repairs

Roof repairs is the most cost effective way to fix your leaky roof. Most roofers will tell you that you cant repair your roof, that you need a new roof. Our sales consultants will be extremely honest and will tell you exactly if you need a repair or roof replacement. They will explain what kind of roofing materials will be used during your roof repair which we only use Miami-Dade approved roofing materials. We also offer a 2 year leak warranty on all our roof repairs!

A lot of roofers will repair your flat roof or tile roof with a tile under layment (another name for this is called 90lb.) instead of SBS Modified Cap Sheet.
We only use the best Modified cap sheet on your flat and tile repairs.

Painting your roof or waterproofing can be an another alternative to repair your leaking roof. Depending if you have a sloped or flat roof, we can explain which roof system will be more cost effective.

Below you will see pictures of roof tiles cracked and sliding on a tile roof.
You will see a bad shingle roof. And you will see a picture of a flat roof blistering.
If your roof looks like any of the pictures below, 
email or call us for a free estimate

Repair Roofs Palm Beach County to Broward County:

2-Year Leak Warranty on all Roofing Repairs Palm Beach County & Broward County.


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