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      We specialize in REPAIRING any types of roofs listed below.


Clay Tile Roofs are the premier roof to have in South Florida.

Clay can with stand the weather and most hurricanes. The smoother finish is easier to maintain and doesn’t attract mold as easily as concrete tile does.

Clay Tile represents the Southwest Spanish look for your roof. There are many colors and blends too choose from. Most manufactures of Clay Tile warranty your roof from 35-50 years depending on which Clay Tile you choose. We only install Clay Tiles with Poly Foam which is an extremely strong foam adhesive that adheres the tile too your roof better then concrete or nailing it too the roof deck. (Which may cause holes in your roof underlayment and cause un-necessary roof leaks)

Concrete Tile is a less expensive way to have the same look as Clay Tile. Concrete withstands all of our weather conditions here in South Florida. There are hundreds and hundreds of colors and blends too choose from.

Concrete Tile is also installed with Poly Foam only. Manufacture warranty’s range from 20-50 years. Styles include Flat, Barrel, double roll and a slight wave. Concrete Tile also come in a Shake Tile which looks like you have installed a real Wood Shake Roof.

The best quality metal roof is a 24-gauge metal Sem-lok Roof manufactured right here in Boynton Beach, Florida. Metal is the absolute premier roof to have because the life span is 45 years plus. No, you can’t hear the rain hit your metal roof. Installing a white metal roof is proven to lower your electricity bill. You don’t see any mechanical mounting of a Metal Roof. All screws and nails are hidden within. Also installed on a Metal Roof System is a Fire Barrier Ply that creates a little more added protection from any fire causing threats. There is ribbed, slightly waved and flat Metal available in many colors too choose from. The local manufacture, Ocean
City Metal Co. here in Boynton Beach, FL rolls and cuts the metal right out in your front yard too the specs of your roof. Metal is very lightweight and extremely Hurricane Resistant.  

DECRA METAL: Decra Metal (Stone Coated Metal) Roofs have the same look of Concrete Tile, Shingle or Wood Shakes. Decra replaces the old Wood Shake/Cedar Shake roofs. Decra Metal is a very lightweight, High Energy Efficient  and Hurricane resistant roof. Decra Metal might be the last roof you will ever need replacing because of the warranty is exceptional on this roof system. Here is a little more information regarding Decra Metal and the durability of this roof system.

Shingle Roofs come in Architectural or 3-tab style Shingles. Architectural Shingles have dimensional look and 3-Tab Shingles lay flat on your roof. With the economy the way it is now, Shingles are a great value for the money you will spend on your new roof. With the new 2007 Florida Building Codes, we install a 2nd water barrier on your deck. Which means: There is a 4” water proof masking ply sheet that is installed directly over every joint on the roof deck. The manufacture warranty is anywhere from 20-50 years depending on which manufacture and style you choose from. There are many colors too choose from.

(Residential or Commercial):
SBS Modified is a Tough, resilient, fiberglass-based modified bitumen cap sheet. SBS Modified also is available with Fire retardant or an Elastomeric White Top Coat. It is a little more expensive but its worth in the long run. SBS Modified Flat Roof System is always installed on Flat Roofs only such as patios, carports and used always for Commercial Flat Roofs. (Don’t ever use 90lb Cap Sheet on your flat roof). White/Grayish color SBS Modified is used here only in South Florida. This type of roof system can be installed with hot roofing asphalt or Torched (Heat Welded).


FLAT DECK TAPERED INSULATION ROOF: (Residential or Commercial)
If you have a flat roof that is pondering water, this roof system will provide maximum protection and automatically drain water from your roof. Anywhere from 1/4” to 20 inches of layered sheets of insulation can be installed on your roof before installing the SBS Modified Cap Sheet. Please call or schedule a free roof consultation immediately if you have water pondering on your roof; It will defiantly ruin your existing roof material at a high rate of speed than normal roof or weather damage.

Slate is actually like a shingle-like sliver of rock that looks like a small shingle. The Slate Roof is the most natural rock looking available in any roofing material. Slate is a very high end roof and more costly then clay tile. Slate offers a good fire protection and good life span.  


Wood Shake offers a natural look of a wood on your roof.  The variations of widths, thickness and cut of the wood are unique in each piece of wood. You will never see two shake roofs that look the same. Wood Shakes allow your roof and attic too breathe more efficient then concrete tile or shingles. The roof installation is more complicated and a little more costly but you do you that natural wood look installed on your roof. Please contact us for more information regarding a Wood Shake Roof or any questions you might have.


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