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Skylight Repairs

Skylight Repairs can be a little tricky. Most roofers do not know how to install a skylight correctly. Some roofers will install a skylight that is NOT Miami-dade approved.

99% of all Florida Insurance Companies are requiring you to have a new Miami-dade skylight installed to renew your home insurance.  

Here is a picture perfect of an brand new Miami-dade Skylight just installed

The Florida Building Codes has changed the installtion of a skylights.
If you have a new roof installed, you have to install a new Miami-Dade approved skylight.

You have several choices for skylight. You can have skylights special ordered to fit almost any size you need. The most common skylights used in Palm Beach & Broward County are 2' x 4" or 2' x 2'. They come in smoked or clear glass. Smoked glass is tinted and clear comes with no tinting at all.

Your Skylight installation should have looked like this and if it didnt, it was wrong.
This is a (Proper) text-book installation of Miami-dade approved Skylights.

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