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Tile Manufactures

                                                The Above Manufacturer is Hanson Tile

There is several Florida local concrete tile manufactures. Which manufacture you choose your tile depends on which type of tile and/or color you prefer. All the tile company's that we deal directly with have Miami-dade/Florida Building Code Product Approvals. Fairway Roofing Inc. prefers to buy from local Florida Manufactures. Your tile reroof will have a lifetime tile warranty.

Your choices are:  Boral/Monier & Entegra Manufactures

Santa Fe "Clay" Tile
Santa Fe believes that the “Magic” within its clay roof tiles is achieved by combining the skills and experience of the “Artisan”, innovative technologies and the gift of the clay from Mother Nature. Together, they combine to create a “Santa Fe” product. Clay is taken from the caves in Bogota, Columbia and manufactured on site there and then shipped to the USA. Their warranty is approx. 50 year warranty like most of any tile manufacturer is here in south Florida.

Santa Fe Clay tile is the "Grand Daddy" of all roof systems here in South Florida. The cost is a few more dollars a square, but if you want the real and authentic look of the Southwest, then this tile would be a good choice for your home.
Santa Fe tile comes in Spanish "S", Flat, Mission Barrel & Royal styles. Most of all the colors shown below comes in all the styles of Tile available.
(Call us just to make sure your color and style is available here in Florida)



Entegra Tile is manufactured right here in Florida. Listed below are some reason why you might choose using Entegra Tile on your Roof.

If you choose to have Entegra Tile installed, Fairway will send a Rep directly from the Entegra Manufacturer & help you decide the style and color of tile that suits your roof the best.

Why Choose Entegra Tile for your Roof?

Standard Products: Because of the high demand for these products, Entegra keeps alot of tile stocked in the yard & always ready for pick-up.

Custom ColorsCustom tiles are not stocked in the yard. If you happen to choose a tile color on the color chart show below and its a custom color, we will call and find out exactly when it can be made. Manufacturing times normally run about 3-4 weeks.

Designer Tile: Designer Tile is a one-of-a-kind roofing plan for a very specific project. Designer Tile usually has to do with manipulating the shape of the tile or adding a particular texture. The sky is the limit for colors. If you want your dog's paw print stamped in each tile, Entegra will find a way to do it!

is a secondary color that is randomly applied during production. Both the area covered and the amount of  antique will vary from tile to tile. The result ranges from a soft contrast to a rich tone, enhancing the finished appearance on the roof.

Blends are comprised of several individually colored tiles which are then arranged during installation to create a smooth blend on the roof. For instance, our Blazen Sky Blend is comprised of Cedar tiles, Indian Red tiles and Terra Cotta tiles. During installation, the tiles are intermixed, creating a soft and natural blend.

Slurry products are a gray or white tile that has a liquid concrete mixture applied to the surface during the manufacturing process. The result is a more vibrant colored tile.

Entegra carries the Flat Concrete Tile which is called Plantation, S- Clay High Profile Tile which is Galena, Double Roll Concrete Tile which is called Estate and Bella which is the low Single Roll, Shake, Broom Swept Concrete Tiles.  

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